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  • Pages home about my story arpkd diet fundraising resources tuesday, september 4, 2012 blessed the blog has been quiet and silent for quite sometime now, 7 months to be exact. In that time frame my family was blessed. We were blessed with another baby. A beautiful, healthy baby girl olivia mae. The road to deciding to get pregnant again was a tough one. Once we did decide to take that chance i found that i became over come with fear about blogging about the experience. It wasn't until i was 37 weeks pregnant that i could honestly say i felt at ease that olivia was pkd free. Now that she is here and our family is adjusting to life as a family of 4 i am ready to share my experiences and stories. I am ready to look back on the doubt, hope, fear, frustration and worry that i felt through out the whole pregnancy.   there's been a lot of talk lately in the arpkd community about choosing to have another child when you have one who is affected or have lost one baby already to the disease. viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra cheap viagra online buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra online buy viagra buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra Upon hearing this i realized that i had the opportunity to share my experience and use this blog as a platform to discuss the different options parents have when contemplating having another child. It is one of those decisions that weighs heavy on your heart. I know it weighed on mine. So in the coming weeks and months i'll be sharing lots of stories and information about my pregnancy, updating everyone on henry's progress and continuing to share healthy recipes that henry and our family enjoys. Posted by jennalle at 5:49 pm no comments: post a comment newer post older post home subscribe to: post comments (atom) blog archive ▼  2012 (5) ▼  september (3) the boston pkd walk i still would have chosen you blessed ►  january (2) ►  2011 (11) ►  july (3) ►  june (1) ►  february (2) ►  january (5) ►  2010 (7) ►  august (1) ►  july (2) ►  june (4) followers simple template. Powered by blogger.. Ngle layer of low cuboidal epithelial cells with thick peritubular mesenchyme. The glomeruli appeared normal. Liver showed normal histology. The gross and microscopic features were in favor of arpkd.    discussion   the hyperechogenicity of the kidneys can be diagnosed after 17 weeks gestation and results from the presence of multiple micro cysts, dysplasia or tubular dilatation. [1] the differential diagnosis should take into account family history and the presence of associated anomalies. If there are no other malformations in the fetus the main diagnosis is polycystic kidney disease - recessive or dominant. [1] in dominant polycystic kidney disease the fetus will show macro cysts and the amniotic fluid is normal. Arpkd is t. Personal Insurance +
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Why have insurance ?
Buying insurance is common sense.
It is protection against the risks that can confront you every day, like a simple accident, critical illness or general bodily wear and tear that requires medical attention. 
Fate can strike at any time; insurance is your safeguard against loss, damage or injury.

Imagine you wanted to go to work, but couldn’t because your health had failed you.

viagra safe get pregnantIt may take months or even years to be treated via the Public Health System. The effects that waiting can have on you and your family can range from just being inconvenient to being totally devastating.

Have a look through these pages which may be of interest and if you would like to know more or chat about a quote that can fit your budget, feel free to contact us.

What's important to you ?


Make a priority list.
For example:
 - In case of death would your debts be covered  or would dependents need to meet monthly expenses?
- If you suffered a traumatic event and survived, how would you cope financially when back at home ?
- If you were made redundant or couldn't work due to illness or disability, would your mortgage be paid for you?
If you had a major health issue, would you be relying on the public health system and potentially long waiting lists ?


Financial stability of the insurer.

Research the insurance company and their rating.

This is important as you must be comfortable that the provider is financially stable and can pay out on claims if need be.

Investigate the company’s track record for handling insurance claims.
Ensure you are buying insurance for the right reasons - not just because is seems cheap.